With Balmain, all hair extensions are covered by a 6 month guarantee. This allows you to rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product that is also sustainable and affordable. When you book in for your initial consultation, we will discuss the maintenance appointments and aftercare details in full.


All of our extension services are by quotation - please call 0116 2592777 and book in for your Free Consultation.



DoubleHair is a professional, affordable and re-usable system specially designed for creating long voluminous

hair. The application is done with it's easy Soft Ring bond giving it's unique shape, making the hair spread, blend

and integrate perfectly.


The hair is easily applied in under an hour, and with regular maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks, can last up to six months.This is the perfect method for clients who do not wish to use a heat bonded system, offering a quick and affordable solution.






ColorFlash represents quick, high quality, fun and affordable products. It is now possible to make a major change in appearance within a few minutes.


The extensions are applied in minutes using an adhesive tape. They can be taken out, coloured, and reapplied numerous times